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Medion MD 98000 - NVIDIA Go 7400


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Hi, i've come across with a Medion MD 98000 which is fitted with NVIDIA Go 7400. The vga card is dead so I am looking for a replacement or a compatible mxm card.

I am not sure if its a MXM type I or II laptop and the laptop manufacturer does not appear on mxm-upgrade compatibility tables.

The laptop owner bought it from Germany(Aldi probably this brand mostly in the german market) and in all my google research results on this model appear in German, on which google translate hasn't been that helpful with.

Hence, i'm looking from any tips I can get from you guys.

Also, anyone willing to sell a Go 7400 or a compatible for this lappy please post or pm.

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Just to update this post for future reference.

I’ve disassembled the laptop just to take a look on its inside and as it turns out this laptop has its GPU soldered on the motherboard.

Hence, “good news everyone” there’s no need to get a replacement mxm card for this model as it’s not upgradable.

As I’ve searched over the net from laptop part seller websites, no one appears to sell replacement logic boards for this model, and even if they did have it would probably cost too much to buy.

I guess the only solution for this laptop would be to reflow or reball the GPU or maybe throw it off and get a new one.



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