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SAS2208 (LSI 9265) based firmware files

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Latest Firmware files for the LSI SAS2208 based controllers.

LSI SAS2208 Firmware packages

21.0.1-0132 from Dell

23.7.0-0035 from LSI

23.7.0-0037 from IBM

23.7.0-0038 from Intel

Megarec Doesn't work but MegaCLi does.

Use below to flash card

Megacli -adpfwflash -f 0xxx_yyy.rom -a0

Should you have issues with card, ie it won't boot or gets stuck.

Disable in the BIOS the ability to load the LSI OROM

Boot to bootable disk.

Now flash with MegaCLi:

Megacli -adpm0flash -f 0xxx_yyy.rom

megacli -adpfacdefset -a0

This will reset your card with firmware (best to use your OEM version)

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