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Seeking alienware drivers!


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I'm looking for the latest drivers for the Alienware M9700I-R1.

I cannot find a downloads page on Alienware's website for this model. I will attach a couple of pics so there is no confusion on my model



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Looks like there is only desktop systems on there?

I'm still looking :)

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While I continue to look for the drivers on the net I have posted on a few forums looking for the disks that would of shipped with this model... hoping that someone has them.

from: http://forum.notebookreview.com/alienware-area-51-aurora-legacy-systems/698222-alienware-disk-needed.html


I am looking for a copy of the disks that would of shipped with the Alienware M9700i-R1

If anyone has them could they either copy them and message me and I can provide my address. Or I can provide FTP access to one of my dedicated servers in London someone could upload a copy of the disk images to.

I know this is a long shot as these disks are pretty old now but I'm guessing some of you will still have them kicking around for this model.

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It does look a bit problematic since Dell's FTP only has drivers for post-merge Alienware models, while your M9700 is pure Alienware. I went through the same problems when looking for MJ7700 drivers, but I did end up finding the original disk.

I hope you manage to find the drivers, but do keep in mind that most, if not all, drivers can be updated from hardware manufacturers themselves.

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