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The NVIDIA Tegra Public Application Notes aim to provide the information required in order to develop OS- and bootloader-level software for Tegra, using an upstream/Open-Source toolset.

Existing documentation such as the TRM (Technical Reference Manual) is the definitive reference for the hardware. However, the TRM may assume general background knowledge, which this Application Note series aims to provide. Equally, the TRM does not aim to cover software tools or concepts, such as the boot ROM (even though embedded into Tegra itself), or flashing tools.

Target readers include the following non-exhaustive examples:

  • People developing Linux installation images for the Toshiba AC100 or Google ASUS Nexus 7, with or without our L4T binary drivers.
  • People developing U-Boot and Linux kernel patches using our developer boards.
  • People using L4T and wishing to gain a better understanding of what our flashing tools are doing, so as to customize the flow for their products.
  • People porting FreeBSD or other OSs to Tegra.
  • NVIDIA employees contributing to Tegra support upstream, and hence using upstream tools.

The following documents exist:

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