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MacBook Pro 330M will NOT overclock. Have tried .INF hack


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Not able to overclock my GeForce 330M. Have tried the .INF hacks. HELP!

So I have a MacBook Pro and a 330M. A few weeks ago I was able to run nVidia Inspector and edit my Clock and Core speeds with ease. I recently re-formated to get some more partition size and upon re-installing everything I'm not able to actually overclock. Every time I change the number to ANYTHING and hit APPLY CLOCK & VOLTAGE it just kicks it to the defaults.

I have done some research and have looked into hacked .INF files and have manually installed them using old packages as well as the HAVE DISK option...but still no luck. I'm at a loss as I do not remember going through ANY of this on my old install, I just downloaded the latest drivers and then used the nVidia Inspector. Can anyone give me some advice? THANKS!


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