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NVIDIA drivers 313.09 for Linux, FreeBSD and Solaris


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======== Release 313 Entries ========

* Added unofficial GLX protocol support (i.e for GLX indirect rendering)

for the following extension and core commands.


OpenGL 3.0 commands ClearBufferfi, ClearBufferfv, ClearBufferiv,

ClearBufferuiv and GetStringi.

* Fixed a bug that caused the cursor shadow to be clipped to 32x32

pixels, even on Kepler GPUs that support a 256x256 cursor image.

* Fixed a bug that prevented some cursor image updates from taking

effect on displays with rotation or other transformations applied.

* Fixed cursor alpha blending artifacts on displays with rotation

or other transformations applied.

* Added support for the GLX_EXT_buffer_age extension.

* Improved the performance of glDrawPixels() by up to 450% when the pixel

data is of type GL_BYTE.

======== Release 310 Entries ========

* Fixed libnvidia-encode.so library dependency by linking it with

libnvcuvid.so.1 instead of libnvcuvid.so while creating it.

* Improved performance of OpenGL framebuffer object binds with Xinerama

enabled by 2000-3000% when the application's windows do not span screen


* Fix performance issues when using some versions of HyperMesh with Quadro


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