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Failed to reintegrated hp pavilion dv2615nr bios rom 2 bytes too big?!?


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So I was building my new bios with my vga bios rom file modded and it's exactly the same size as the original. When I got done and started to reintegrate it came up with an error using SSV2 method and said this file was too bytes too big and I didn't even touch that file at all. It was happy with the modded vga bios. How do I fix this?

For the 7150m should 0.95v in 2d at 100Mhz be sufficient? The stock for 2d was 1.1v and it idles at 55C and loads at 65C. I wanna reduce my idle temp which should be possible especially at only 100mhz core clock. Anyway I changed the throttle voltage to 1.1v from 1.2v at 250mhz which should be fine and I changed the 3d voltage from 1.2 to 1.25 for whatever I can get out of it maybe 600-650Mhz I'm hoping. Anyway it's totally stable at 550Mhz from 425Mhz at the 1.2v.

Here's the files for my bios with the dump and rw everything file and phoenixdell tool I used and my original bios in .exe and in the bios folder as well as the original vga bios rom from the dump backed up and the modded one in the modded folder. As well as the modded vga bios file by the name of OPROM1.rom in the dump folder ready to reintegrate. Anyway if someone can throw it together that would be great! Or help me find out what the issue is.



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