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Display corruption MCP67 Windows 7 x64


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So I installed windows 7 x64 fresh with no drivers and sometimes it freezes opening eva precision x or RW Everything application and the screen has like green lines from the top right of the screen to the bottom left.  I have to hard shutdown and boot back up.  I'm fairly certain it's the chipset drivers but I've installed DOX custom windows 7 x64 driver and it works fine but I get this issue only in Windows 7 and it happens even with no drivers installed at all on a fresh windows 7 x64 install.


HP PAVILION DV2615NR - Amd Turion 64 x2 TL-68 2.4Ghz at 2.7Ghz and DDR2-800 at about DDR2-900 and the 7150M from 425Mhz to 550Mhz.  This screen corruption is driver related since theres a driver installed which isn't compatible with the chipset I'm fairly certain.  Since I can game it up for hours at 550Mhz and 2.7Ghz and there's no issues at all it stays cool at 65C in game and zero artifacts or instability.


My temps are not the problem since my cpu idles at 30C and my gpu idles at 55C and loads at 65C.  I'm trying to get my idle temps down on the 7150M and increase 3d voltage so I can get 600-650Mhz.


I installed xp and it works fine and I'm sure Vista would work fine too but i hate vista because boot up time is very slow and shutdown time is very slow too which is annoying.  Unless someone can tell me how to dial in Windows Vista Slow shutdown and startup times?  It's slow even if I have it offload apps on shutdown immediately and even if I select 0 startup items in msconfig. 


What's up with the display corruption in Windows 7 x64 on the 7150m and mcp67 chipset?


Does anyone know what the max 3d voltage potential a 7150m has?  stock 3d is 1.2v and I get 550Mhz out of it but I'm modding the vga bios to reintegrated with 2d 100mhz from 1.1v to 0.95, throttle at 1.2v 525mhz, and 3d at 1.25v 550Mhz since I'm just testing I know 550Mhz is stable at 1.2v already.  Is 1.25v+ available for the 7150m?


Thanks guys I appreciate it

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