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No sound on my iMac's Windows installation


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I recently had to rebuild my iMAC's Windows installation from a system backup, After this was done there was no sound. The soundcard's icon on the system page had an exclamtion mark against it and the error code stated that there was a driver corruption or other error. I have tried everything to get this thing working again, new drivers, uninstalling and reinstalling the soundcard both in normal and safe modes and it just will not come back into use. It just sits there telling me there is an error. Realtek themselves were spectacularly useless...I have emailed their support address about five times since November when this all happened and I have been completely ignored. PLEASE can someone give me some ideas about what to do. It's a thorough nuisance not to have sound on the system and this is the first time I have been completely stumped for things to do to solve a problem like this. I have a large amount of software and settings on this beast and a clean install from the ground up is not something I'm hugely keen on doing as everything else on it is running really well.

The system is: iMAC24 running Bootcamp 2.1 on which Windows XP Service Pack 3 is installed.


Thanks in advance.



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