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Hacking NVidia Cards into their Professional Counterparts


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This caught my eye, as it reminded me of when I BIOS modded my dektop GTX465 into a full GTX470.

This how ever takes things further, and is not for the squeemish.
For the full low down on what 'gnif' is up to and how he's getting on head on over here


I own a NVidia GTX 690 which I bought for two reasons, gaming, and multi monitor setup for work, NVidia made it very clear that this card would drive up to 3 screens in 2d, which it does quite nicely icon_smile_thumbsup.gif... under windows icon_thumbsdown.gif! The tight asses have decided that if you want this feature under Linux you have to get a Quadro which has Mosaic support  . So naturally I decided to look at how mod the card, as the price difference is over $1000 between the GTX 690 and the Quadro K5000 (same GPU) and, get this... the K5000 is only single GPU and clocked some 25-30% slower then the gaming card, what a joke smiley_laughing.gif.

What NVidia has done is changed the way that it handles the straps, instead of just pulling the straps high or low to control the switches as they did previously, they are now read as analogue values. The scheme is as follows:

When pulling high:

5K  = 8
10K = 9
15K = A
20K = B
25K = C
30K = D
35K = E
40K = F

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