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======== Release 319 Entries ========

    * Added initial support for restoration of efifb consoles on UEFI
      systems where the primary display is driven over VGA or TMDS (e.g.
      DVI, HDMI, or LVDS).

    * Added support for the xorg.conf Monitor section options "Ignore",
      "Enable", "Primary", and "Rotate".  For example, to rotate a monitor
      identified by a specific EDID hash, one could add the following to
      /etc/X11/xorg.conf or a file in /etc/X11/xorg.conf.d:

        Section "Monitor"
          Identifier "DPY-EDID-ee6cecc0-fa46-0c33-94e0-274313f9e7eb"
          Option "Rotate" "left"

      See the README and the xorg.conf(5) man page for more information.

    * Added an Underscan feature in the nvidia-settings X Server
      Display Configuration page which allows the configuration of an
      underscan border around the ViewPortOut.  This feature was
      formerly known as Overscan Compensation.

    * Added support for the following GPU:
        * GeForce GTX 650 Ti BOOST

    * Added support for application profiles to the NVIDIA client-side GLX
      implementation. See the "Application Profiles" chapter of the README for
      more information.

    * Added the "PanningTrackingArea" and "PanningBorder" MetaMode attributes.

    * Added support for RandR 1.3 panning.

    * Improved performance when the Accel option is disabled.

    * Updated the nvidia-settings command line interface to accept display
      device names, as well as optional target qualifiers, e.g.

         nvidia-settings -q [DVI-I-0]/RefreshRate
         nvidia-settings -q [GPU-1.DVI_I-1]/RefreshRate

    * Updated the nvidia-settings command line interface to no longer assume
      the "X screen 0" target, when no target is specified in query and assign
      operations.  Instead, all valid targets of the attribute are processed.

    * Fixed a memory leak that occurred when destroying a GLX window
      but not its associated X window.

    * Fixed a bug that could cause nvidia-installer to fail to delete
      directories created as part of a previous installation.

    * Updated nvidia-installer to report failures to remove installed
      files or restore backed up files with a single warning message,
      instead of a separate message for each individual failure.

    * Improved the performance of modesets in cases where the mode
      timings remained the same, but other parameters of the mode
      configuration, such as the ViewPort or panning domain, changed.

    * Fixed an issue with RENDER convolution filters.  The driver will
      no longer normalize filter kernels before accelerating them.

    * Improved debuggability of the NVIDIA OpenGL libraries by
      including proper stack unwinding information on all supported

    * Fixed a bug that caused RENDER Pictures to be sampled
      incorrectly when using nearest filtering in some cases.

    * Added support for the RandR "Border" and "BorderDimensions" Output
      properties, which can be used to configure the ViewPortOut of an
      RandR output.  This is functionally equivalent to the "ViewPortOut"
      MetaMode token.

    * Fixed a bug where RRGetCrtcInfo could report incorrect size
      information when an RandR output has a custom ViewPortIn.

    * Further improve performance of some versions of HyperMesh with
      Quadro GPUs.

    * Added a VDPAU page to the nvidia-settings control panel, to display
      information about the decoding capabilities of VDPAU-capable GPUs.

    * Added support for dynamic mode management through RandR, e.g. via
      the --newmode, --rmmode, and --delmode options in xrandr(1).

    * Increased the number of pages that are shareable across multiple
      processes in the x86 build of libnvidia-glcore.so, by reducing its
      R_386_PC32 relocation count.

    * Fixed a bug that caused XVideo applications to receive BadAlloc errors
      after VT switches and mode switches that occurred while a composite
      manager was running.

    * Removed the X driver's support for "CursorShadow".

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