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Hi Guys


Before i begin id like to apologise in advance if this question has been posted already i was directed to this site from the sony forums. I have a sony vaio fz38m running on windows 7 enterpise ( no longer have recovery cd for vista) and recently my display has been playing up. I get 10 thick verticle blue lines running down my screen. I have a Nvidia 8400 gt graphic card and each time I download the drivers for it the laptop does not start up unless i go into safe model and disable the Nvidia. I want to know is the problem caused by having no or wrong driver or is my graphic cards knackered? If it is due to drivers where can i download the correct driver which will allow me my laptop to start as normal.


BTW just now I disable the Nvidia Drivers from safe mode and restarted laptop as normal. for about 20 mins my screen was perfect byt now the blue lines have returned. The blue lines are more visable on dark background you cant see them if the background is white. Would really apprecaite it if anyone could tell me why this is happening and whats the solution





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Sorry to dissapoint you, but it sounds like a knackered graphics card to me.  The blue lines will indicate a memory chip problem.

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i tried to download the memory chip drivers but it keeps saying its not compatable with my laptop, maybe it is due to that.. appreciate it... iv done a fresh install again so far iv not had any issues with graphics but saying that i have not downloaded any sony drivers. fingers x it stays this way

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