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Problem with 9600M GT card on Win 7 x64...>


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Hi all, my first post on this forum! I recently installed windows 7 x64 Pro on my Acer 4720G which I upgraded some time ago with a 9600M GT video card. Everything was working fine in Windows XP pro. But, now that I have upgraded to Win 7 64, I can't get the video card to run in full accelerated mode. I am using the the latest drivers from LV2GO (305.53). If I put my old backup hard drive which still has XP installed on it ) with an old 257.21 driver), the video card runs fine up to its full (500, 800, 1250mhz) speed and runs games fine. In Win 7, it will only run at 275, 300, 550Mhz, only half speed, and one step slower as well, regardless of what drivers I install. Also, nvidia tools won't allow me to change any clock speeds, either up or down.
Please help...this is driving me nuts, I have tried everything I can think of and no luck at all, including flashing the video card bios with a few different ones I found on the net. I am now back with the card's original vbios, as I think it must be something to do with Win 7.
Regards, Rob

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Hi Rob,


So you still have the modded bios to upgrade the 4720G and perhaps could you explain a brief tutorial on how to upgrade this laptop?



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