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Catalyst Eye & winEx


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Guys I've coded a couple of tools which some may find useful. I have used these tools for driver modding and have done some quick changes to make them look 'pretty' for the general public.


Catalyst Eye

This program reads the display inf files found in catalyst drivers. It then displays some quick information about  the build version and date. In addition the program displays what AMD devices will install. The program is only compatible with Catalyst Drivers.




You can also convert and view the contents of Catalyst Application Profiles. Contains alot of undocumented driver settings in there to look at.





This program expands compressed windows installation files. For example dl_ to dll etc. Why would you want to do this? If you install a new driver and it breaks compatibility with a program and game you can expand a dll file from an older file and place it the folder containing the application.exe. For example if a 32bit dx9 game has some issues try placing atiumdag.dll from another driver into the folder containing the application.exe. This is a quick way to test drivers without having to install / uninstall drivers.



atiumdag.dll – DX9 32bit

atiumd64.dll – DX9 64bit
atioglxx.dll / atigktxx.dll – openGL32bit
atio6axx.dll / atig6txx.dll – openGL 64bit
aticfx32.dll + atidxx32.dll – DX10/11 32bit
aticfx64.dll + atidxx64.dll – DX10/11 64bit
Downloads for both programs are attached to bottom of this post

You will need updated .NET runtime installed to use these.


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Updated to version 1.1.


Catalyst Eye

- Minor gui update.
- Added message to display when blob file cannot be converted.
- Doubled char buffer size.



- Added option to compress expanded files.
- Minor gui update.
- added support to expand .cap & .dat files found in AMD drivers.
- supports .dll .exe .sys .cap .datfiles.
- compression is noticably longer than expansion:
      - added messagebox to state this.



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