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Hybrid or Optimus? Just want speed...


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Laptop: UL80VT w/Extended Life Battery
OS: Win 7 Ultimate x32 (w/Separate partition for clean install as I'm redoing my system to non-GFX related issues)
GPU: Intel 4500MHD/nVidia G2102M
Newest Official Hybrid Driver Available: 186.88
Latest listed working in LV2G forum: 275.33
Latest listed LV2G Drivers for my Hardware ID: 302.59
Latest from nVidia: 314.22

I came to this forum a while back and when I did I manage to install a newer hybrid driver and got a small performance boost. I do programming as a hobby which includes 3D. My lappy is almost always plugged in, but when not I'm not do 3D generally. The video acceleration of the nVidia is better than the Intel and don't mind reduced battery life. I thinking my best option for  video/3D(DX9/10) performance is the Optimus drivers, but need info from someone with experience. Also, I tend to output from my VGA and sometimes HDMI and would prefer both to be functional.

2. Want max 3D speed/Video Acceleration (I tend to watch 1080P MKV files with H.264 encoding)
3. Don't Care about battery life.


Thanks in advance,

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