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I have a confession, driver modding is not my only love, photography also fights for my attention.


The family are about to head of to the US and Canada for a few weeks of R&R.

The last time I went travelling was the last time I upgraded my camera, from the Film Canon 50e to the digital Canon EOS 350D, that was 8 years ago.

Technology has moved on, and I have also, I have not gotten into photography as much as I would like, as I now struggle to get any good pictures without much trial and tribulation.


Over the years I've missed the full frame from the film days, and longed to go back.

I have full frame lenses from the 50e, which are wasted on the smaller sensor 350D.


I finally splashed out and upgraded to Canon EOD 6D, after reading many reviews, I decided it should fit my needs nicely.

It doesn't have all the features of the 5D mkIII, but also not the price tag.


It arrived the other day.

Not had a chance to take it for a good spin, but have taken a few snaps.

The 6D is SD card only, so also trying out a new Toshiba Exceria Type2 64GB UHS-I card.

I'll have to wait to test it's speed once the USB3 card reader turns up.

USB2 is a bottleneck for this card.

But I can shoot at full 20.2MP JPGs continous 4.5fps I shot over 100 frames and no lag what so ever.

Shooting RAW+JPG after about 10x shots the FPS drops to about 1 FPS

I'm not a videographer, so this part of the camera is of no real use, but sample video I took was very sharp at 1080p

But it needs a fast SD card, 20MB/s write is the minimum for HD video.

AF for video is not great, best left to dedicated video camera's


The Good comparing from the 350D

  • Auto ISO range, I'm loving this, camera does the work, I can now just take the photos, biggest feature gain for me.
  • Viewfinder is way bigger, an absolute joy to use.
  • 3" LCD nice and bright,
  • Very low light AF, moon light photography a reality
  • An absolute truck load of usable settings you can tweak.
  • 2x Custom settings to setup your favourite settings for 2x often used scenarios.
  • Live view allows me to take photo's where viewfinder would be impossible
  • WIFI, for remote shooting and other features
  • GPS, I may actually use this on our trip to save me taking notes of what was taken where.
  • Quick Control button, is a treat to have all the most used settings just one click away.

The not so good

  • Jury is out whether I'll miss the built in flash, I do have an external flash, convenience = miss, excellent low light shooting = not needed as much

Last thoughts, a great camera, a big outlay but totally worth it.

Its so good it's now showing up my main lens the Tamron 28-105 f2.8, I may need to go with a Canon lens to complete the set.

But I'm a very happy, learning curve is steep and i can once again stop (to kids dismay) all over the place and snap pics.


Below a few piccies taken first day I had camera, click to enlarge.

Cloudy overcast (cold) day, but camera takes it in it's stride, 350D would have struggled and I would not have bothered.

Pictures are straight from camera, no editing, only thing upload reduced the files ize to a fraction of original.

Ducks f4 - 1/250

Mushroom, viewfinder shot from top (f3.5 - 1/160), liveview to get a side on look (f3.5 - 1/200), no crawling on belly for me.

Old shed f4 - 1/125 (had to reduce filesize to fit post)





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