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NVIDIA Quadro/Tesla driver 320.27 WHQL


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Changes in Version 320.27

The following sections list the important changes and the most common issues resolved

since driver version 320.00.

Windows Vista/Windows 7 Fixed Issues

? [Catia]: Poor performance is experienced with new Catia render engine.

? [AVID Motion Graphics/Brainstorm]: Frame rate stutter occurs when a highly

tessellated sphere goes off screen and then comes back on screen.

? [Quadro 5000/K5000][VizRT]: OpenGL performance regression occurs with recent


? [Catia]: The application occasionally crashes after attaching a debugger.

? [Avid Motion Graphics]: The application shows additional CPU activity and reduced

performance when GPUD4V is utilized to transfer frames/fields to the AJA video I/O


? [Avid Motion Graphics]: Higher CPU usage occurs when running the application

with GPUD4V transfers when compared to PBO transfers.

? [Avid Motion Graphics]: The application profile does not get applied.

? [Avid Motion Graphics]: There is a decrease in application performance when the

material editor is displayed.


    DEV_0197 "NVIDIA Tesla C870"
    DEV_019D "NVIDIA Quadro FX 5600"
    DEV_019E "NVIDIA Quadro FX 4600"
    DEV_040A "NVIDIA Quadro FX 370"
    DEV_040D "NVIDIA Quadro FX 1600M"
    DEV_040E "NVIDIA Quadro FX 570"
    DEV_040F "NVIDIA Quadro FX 1700"
    DEV_042F "NVIDIA Quadro NVS 290"
    DEV_05E7 "NVIDIA Tesla C1060"
    DEV_05E7&SUBSYS_059510DE "NVIDIA Tesla T10 Processor"
    DEV_05E7&SUBSYS_066A10DE "NVIDIA Tesla C1060 "
    DEV_05E7&SUBSYS_068F10DE "NVIDIA Tesla T10 Processor "
    DEV_05E7&SUBSYS_069710DE "NVIDIA Tesla M1060"
    DEV_05E7&SUBSYS_071410DE "NVIDIA Tesla M1060 "
    DEV_05E7&SUBSYS_074310DE "NVIDIA Tesla M1060  "
    DEV_05F9 "NVIDIA Quadro CX"
    DEV_05FD "NVIDIA Quadro FX 5800"
    DEV_05FE "NVIDIA Quadro FX 4800"
    DEV_05FF "NVIDIA Quadro FX 3800"
    DEV_0619 "NVIDIA Quadro FX 4700 X2"
    DEV_061A "NVIDIA Quadro FX 3700"
    DEV_061B "NVIDIA Quadro VX 200"
    DEV_061C "NVIDIA Quadro FX 3600M"
    DEV_061D "NVIDIA Quadro FX 2800M"
    DEV_0638 "NVIDIA Quadro FX 1800"
    DEV_0658 "NVIDIA Quadro FX 380"
    DEV_0659 "NVIDIA Quadro FX 580"
    DEV_065C "NVIDIA Quadro FX 770M"
    DEV_06D1 "NVIDIA Tesla C2050 / C2070"
    DEV_06D1&SUBSYS_077110DE "NVIDIA Tesla C2050"
    DEV_06D1&SUBSYS_077210DE "NVIDIA Tesla C2070"
    DEV_06D2 "NVIDIA Tesla M2070"
    DEV_06D2&SUBSYS_077410DE "NVIDIA Tesla M2070 "
    DEV_06D2&SUBSYS_083010DE "NVIDIA Tesla M2070  "
    DEV_06D2&SUBSYS_084210DE "NVIDIA Tesla M2070   "
    DEV_06D2&SUBSYS_088F10DE "NVIDIA Tesla X2070"
    DEV_06D2&SUBSYS_090810DE "NVIDIA Tesla M2070    "
    DEV_06D8 "NVIDIA Quadro 6000"
    DEV_06D9 "NVIDIA Quadro 5000"
    DEV_06DC "NVIDIA Quadro 6000  "
    DEV_06DD "NVIDIA Quadro 4000"
    DEV_06DE "NVIDIA Tesla T20 Processor"
    DEV_06DE&SUBSYS_077310DE "NVIDIA Tesla S2050"
    DEV_06DE&SUBSYS_082F10DE "NVIDIA Tesla M2050"
    DEV_06DE&SUBSYS_084010DE "NVIDIA Tesla X2070 "
    DEV_06DE&SUBSYS_084210DE "NVIDIA Tesla M2050 "
    DEV_06DE&SUBSYS_084610DE "NVIDIA Tesla M2050  "
    DEV_06DE&SUBSYS_086610DE "NVIDIA Tesla M2050   "
    DEV_06DE&SUBSYS_090710DE "NVIDIA Tesla M2050    "
    DEV_06DE&SUBSYS_091E10DE "NVIDIA Tesla M2050     "
    DEV_06DF "NVIDIA Tesla M2070-Q"
    DEV_06DF&SUBSYS_084D10DE "NVIDIA Tesla M2070-Q "
    DEV_06DF&SUBSYS_087F10DE "NVIDIA Tesla M2070-Q  "
    DEV_06F8 "NVIDIA Quadro NVS 420"
    DEV_06F9 "NVIDIA Quadro FX 370 LP"
    DEV_06FA "NVIDIA Quadro NVS 450"
    DEV_06FB "NVIDIA Quadro FX 370M"
    DEV_06FD "NVIDIA Quadro NVS 295"
    DEV_06FF "NVIDIA HICx16 + Graphics"
    DEV_06FF&SUBSYS_071110DE "NVIDIA HICx8 + Graphics"
    DEV_0A38 "NVIDIA Quadro 400"
    DEV_0A3C "NVIDIA Quadro FX 880M"
    DEV_0A78 "NVIDIA Quadro FX 380 LP"
    DEV_0DD8 "NVIDIA Quadro 2000"
    DEV_0DD8&SUBSYS_091410DE "NVIDIA Quadro 2000D"
    DEV_0DF8 "NVIDIA Quadro 600"
    DEV_0DF9 "NVIDIA Quadro 500M"
    DEV_0DFA "NVIDIA Quadro 1000M"
    DEV_0E3A "NVIDIA Quadro 3000M"
    DEV_0E3B "NVIDIA Quadro 4000M"
    DEV_0FF9 "NVIDIA Quadro K2000D"
    DEV_0FFA "NVIDIA Quadro K600"
    DEV_0FFE "NVIDIA Quadro K2000"
    DEV_0FFF "NVIDIA Quadro 410"
    DEV_1021 "NVIDIA Tesla K20Xm"
    DEV_1022 "NVIDIA Tesla K20c"
    DEV_1028 "NVIDIA Tesla K20m"
    DEV_107C "NVIDIA NVS 315"
    DEV_107D "NVIDIA NVS 310"
    DEV_1091 "NVIDIA Tesla M2090"
    DEV_1091&SUBSYS_088710DE "NVIDIA Tesla M2090 "
    DEV_1091&SUBSYS_088E10DE "NVIDIA Tesla X2090"
    DEV_1091&SUBSYS_089110DE "NVIDIA Tesla X2090 "
    DEV_1094 "NVIDIA Tesla M2075"
    DEV_1094&SUBSYS_088810DE "NVIDIA Tesla M2075 "
    DEV_1096 "NVIDIA Tesla C2075"
    DEV_1096&SUBSYS_091010DE "NVIDIA Tesla C2075 "
    DEV_1096&SUBSYS_091110DE "NVIDIA Tesla C2050 "
    DEV_109B "NVIDIA Quadro 7000"
    DEV_109B&SUBSYS_091810DE "NVIDIA Quadro 7000 "
    DEV_10D8 "NVIDIA NVS 300"
    DEV_118F "NVIDIA Tesla K10"
    DEV_11BA "NVIDIA Quadro K5000"
    DEV_11BC "NVIDIA Quadro K5000M"
    DEV_11BD "NVIDIA Quadro K4000M"
    DEV_11BE "NVIDIA Quadro K3000M"
    DEV_11FA "NVIDIA Quadro K4000"
    DEV_087A "NVIDIA GeForce 9400    "
    DEV_06FF "NVIDIA HICx16 + Graphics"
    DEV_06FF&SUBSYS_071110DE "NVIDIA HICx8 + Graphics"
    DEV_06FF "NVIDIA HICx16 + Graphics"
    DEV_06FF&SUBSYS_071110DE "NVIDIA HICx8 + Graphics"
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