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GPU tools round-up July 2013


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A new release of GPU Shark is available. GPU Shark 0.7.3 adds the support of GeForce GTX 760 and the GPU monitoring lib has been updated to its latest version (v1.8.18).



EVGA Precision X Version 4.2.1

    Fixed bug with voltage tuner not saving voltage on reboot

    RivaTuner Statistics Server distributive has been upgraded to version 5.2.0

ASUS GPU Tweak utility version

1. support simplified Chinese

2. support GTX760

Nvidia Inspector Beta


- inspector now always requires admin rights since nvidia decided

  to accept all overclocking actions just in an elevated process

  enviroment for drivers R325 and above. :(


- changed MDPS startup to make use of TaskScheduler instead of shortcut

- changed "Create Startup Shortcut" feature for clock startup to make use

  of TaskScheduler too ( rightclick "Create Clocks Shortcut" )

  (you have to remove your old startup shortcuts manually)

- added lod bias adjustment for OpenGL


  to avoid black edges in some games while using MSAA (R320.14+)

- added OverrideDefault property to CustomSettingNames structure

- added total card power level (normalized) to sensor monitoring (R314+)

- changed MDPS to run always in legacy mode but with enabled "add by gpu process" feature

MSI Afterburner 3.0.0 Beta 11

    RivaTuner Statistics Server has been upgraded to v5.2.0. New version adds Matroska (MKV) container support to video capture module

    Added "Utilization limit" graph to hardware monitoring module for NVIDIA graphics cards under 320 series and newer drivers

    Now power users can display graphs in hardware monitoring window in multiple columns via configuration file


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