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"Remote System Monitor is an Android or BlackBerry software which allows to get advanced system and hardware information from your windows computers on your Android or BlackBerry devices over the network.


Remote System Monitor allows to retrieve system information including graphic card information even if nobody is logged on the computer.

You can use it to check your home cinema (HTPC), media centre, servers or desktop state.

It is particularly useful to check your system state while playing games, allowing you to know if the computer is overheating, how your system deal with temperature and fan speed and how your games are using your computer resources (CPU, GPU, memory, etc..).


Remote System Monitor is composed of an Android or BlackBerry application to display system information and a server software for Windows.


System and Hardware Information Provided

  • temperatures (cpu/cores, gpu, motherboard, hard drives)
  • cpu and gpu load
  • cpu and gpu frequencies
  • ram, swap and video memory usage
  • voltages (system, gpu)
  • physical disks usage
  • fan speed (cpu, gpu, motherboard, etc...)
  • network/wireless cards download/upload speed
  • logical disks usage
  • physical disk read/write speed
  • SSD life time, total read/write info, etc...
  • various controls and levels (fan, ...)
  • liquid cooling flow
  • Raw SMART data and "Imminent failure" information
  • BIOS description
  • etc..."


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