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Some question about GTX770M upgraded


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I bought a GTX770M from eBay. ALIENWARE M17x/M18x; NVIDIA GeForce GTX 770M;3GB DDR5; MXM 3.0b.

I replaced GTX770M to my laptop MSI GT60 ONC that came with GTX 670M;3GB DDR5; MXM 3.0b.
It can be play some games that using Unreal Engine 3 with got some kernel driver error
but Windows 8 recovered it successfully and enter through in-game automatically. (without bypass trick)


So, the other games I must use bypass trick to enter game;
enter any games first it will get an error popup and don't close popup then enter games I want.

But for all methods still got stuttering graphics when load textures cause sometime fps dropped.
I think it incompatible with IvyBridge.

In the worst case, I got BSOD messages like "VIDEO_TDR_FAILURE (nvkflt.sys)"



I inspected vbios GTX770M with Kepler BIOS Tweaker v1.25. It came with vbios vendor NVIDIA 10DE. (why not Alienware?)
Then, I got vbios GTX770M from MSI GT60 2OC user and flash it result as above I explained.

So I have some Questions.
- Could it be better if I flash vbios with own vendor Alienware?
- Did IvyBridge fully support GTX770M?

Anyone help me, or send me an Alienware GTX770M vbios please.

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I take it you didn't backup the original 770m BIOS

Hopefully someone can help you with a backup of their AW 770m BIOS


The 770m should work quite happily with the Ivy bridge

You either have system BIOS problems, probably most likely, BIOS may not fully recognise the 770m

Video HW issues ie heat or PCIe issues

or driver problems, try AW 770m driver


NVIDIA make all the BIOS's for OEMs so seeing their vendor number should be no surprise

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I backup the original VBIOS as attach file included :

- NVIDIA (from this Alienware card)



Now, I found Alienware VBIOS from Techinferno.com but in progress to post 5 comments to download


Thank you for your attention



PS. the result above came from MSI VBIOS. The NVIDIA vendor didn't work. (that's why I worried)


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Their might be a small HW difference between the 2 MXM boards


Ask either seller if they know

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OK. I got vbios from TechInferno but there's same size, checksum, and vendor NVIDIA.

Waiting for their answer e-mail.


If reach a dead end, I might be sell this one to Alienware user and get a new one from that MSI seller.

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Even the MSI one may still behave the same.


I'm wondering if the System BIOS needs an update to take the 770m properly

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I already have been updated BIOS to E16F3IMS.10U as official website.


You mean GTX680M on MSI GT60 ONE got stuttering graphics too?

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You may find the MSI BIOS may still stutter too.

Just don't get your hopes up.


If it does work then great :)

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OK. I'll find another one.

Thank you.

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