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NVIDIA Video Codec SDK 3.0 (incl. driver 320.79)


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This is Release 3.0 of NVENC SDK. This SDK release is backward compatible
with NVENC SDK 1.0 (released in September 2012) and 2.0 (released in March 2013).

Applications or source projects that use the NVIDIA NVENC Video Encoder API require:
* Windows: NVIDIA driver version 320.76 or higher (320.xx)
* Linux: NVIDIA driver from R319 release
* NVIDIA GPU based on the Kepler architecture


This package contains:

1) nvEncoder Sample application source code
   - Note that this sample application supports NVENC 3.0 API.
2) NVENC - NVIDIA Video Encoder API header
   - [.\include\nvEncodeAPI.h]
3) NVENC - NVIDIA Video Encoder Interface Programming Guide
   - [.\doc\NVENC_VideoEncoder_API_ProgGuide.pdf]
4) NVENC - NVIDIA Kepler Hardware Video Encoder (Application Note)
   - [.\doc\NVENC_DA-06209-001_v04.pdf]
5) NVENC - Video Encoder API Reference Manual (PDF and CHM)
   - [.\doc\nvEncodeAPI_v3.0.pdf]
   - [.\doc\nvEncodeAPI_v3.0.chm]
   - Both of these documents are up to date and is the reference API manual
Changes and new features in NVENC SDK 3.0 as compared to NVENC SDK 2.0

1) Support for field encoding
2) New rate control modes have been added: NV_ENC_PARAMS_RC_CBR2, NV_ENC_PARAMS_RC_2_PASS_FRAMESIZE_CAP
3) Rate control mode NV_ENC_PARAMS_RC_TWOPASS_CBR has been renamed to NV_ENC_PARAMS_RC_2_PASS_QUALITY
4) Supporting re-configuration of the encoder session and various encoding parameters on-the-fly without
   having to close and restart the encode session.
5) Pre-processing API has been deprecated
6) Several bug-fixes

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Did anyone download version 1.0? It's very curious, I can't find any link for it on nvidia's site.

Anyone know a link?

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