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Dell Studio XPS 1340 w/ 9200 + 9400 = 9500M PROBLEM


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Hello guys, first of all i am brazilian, and sorry for bad english.

i want to tell for yours my story:


i have bought this used laptop in this year, and he have come first without the 9200GS, some time have passed and i have a problem with water and i have damaged permanently the motherboard, some time after i have bought on ebay an motherboard k184D and the cooler+heatsink for 9200GS, in other words i do that for "upgrade" the laptop, when the hardware have come, i have installed everything and in the windows and all aplications the new board worked very well, but in games using the high power plan (hybrid sli on) the FPS is POOR, on the power save plan i get 15, 20 more FPS on dota 2 has example, on counter-strike source with hybrid sli the maximum fps is 30, on power save(with only 9400M) the fps grows to 70, 80, 90, in a google research i have found this forum, and i have installed the Dox lastest forceware for hybrid sli, and nHancer, configuring a new profile for the games i get an total of 30 fps on dota 2, and 70 fps on counter-strike source, without the driver and nhancer the normal FPS on dota 2 is 35, 40, on source 70, 80, 90, in other words i have made an bad investiment on buying this motherboard, otherwise the only thing good on this purchase is the fact of this motherboard is brand new(very lucky research on ebay), but i really started to think the better way to do is disable the 9200M and use only 9400M without SLI and last driver from nvidia, what your guys think about this? there is really no way to take vantage of 2 VGA working together? thanks!

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