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Need help please strange artifact issue Nvidia 9800M GTS


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Hello guyz, i just register here because i need help with a very weird display issue with my Gateway P7805u Laptop (9800m GTS) i have searched every where for the issue but couldn't find any symptoms yet, the issue started a few months ago when playing call of duty black ops 2 and since then it has only increased, the symptoms appears only in areas where dark color is dominant. strange vertical lines appear over the screen which is similar to pixel distortion or screen tearing, its not a driver issue as i have tried over 20 different drivers (after cleaning with driver sweeper) these lines are produced over gateway bios logo(dark area) and windows startup logo(black background) as well and they start to appear after 10-15 minutes of gaming but disappear if i turn of laptop for half hour or background color is white or light colors. i have taken some pictures from my cellphone camera they are not very clear but will tell you exactly what is going on.


1) Website of omega forceware driver, note the black background and lot of pixel distortion, but no distortion in the menubar of firefox and taskbar (light colors)












2) Pixel distortion in windows media player (gives clear idea about how the distortion looks like).









3) Picture taken at same time of above pictures but background is white/light and whole distortion disappears.



I have been monitoring temperatures of both cpu and gpu, gpu idles around 45c-52c and uptill 68c-82c during gaming/heavy usage, i usually increase brightness of games and this doesn't happen/minimize during gameplay due to brightness. there seems to be no problem with gpu, and it runs absolutely fine but these lines appear over dark colored areas. Once i turn of laptop for some time they disappear and don't appear again till game play. If this is gpu or gpu ram fault wouldnt this be appearing even if the background is light/white??? Currently running Nvidia driver version is 295.73 on Windows 7 Ultimate (64bits) , Please help me.

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Your card is overheating.

65°C is the max in my opinion it should run, 80 is way beyond its capacity.
Dissasemble the machine, buy a proper thermal paste, clean all fans, heatsinks and all. Apply the paste, make sure no outlet holes are covered and the machine is based on hard flat surface while playing.

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