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Nvidia GeForce 9600M GS Overclocking


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Hello. I have been OC'n my 9600M GS for a few months now and tought to ask some advice from more experienced members. The 9600M GS i have runs stock -->


0,89=2D (169/338/100)

1,0V=Throttle (430/1075/800)

1,0V=3D (430/1075/800)

1,0V=Extra (430/1075/800)


So i decided to test how much my G96 can take and upped it to -->


0,89=2D (169/338/100)

1,0V=Throttle (550/1325/800)

1,0V=3D (550/1325/800)

1,0V=Extra (550/1325/800)


It worked just fine. The temps hover around 55-60 idle and 82 max, so no change from stock.


Then i got greedy and upped it a bit more -->


0,89=2D (169/338/100)

1,0V=Throttle (625/1550/800)

1,0V=3D (625/1550/800)

1,0V=Extra (625/1550/800)


It works just like it did with stock.. Temps hover 55-60 idle and 82-85 max (if i can trust the gpu-z sensor reading)

The problem however is that i have recently started to have "Black screen of death" issues, and i mean a black screen + unresponsive = hard reset. No BSOD.

I even tried to up the voltages a bit (Throttle+3D+Extra to 1,05V), but still got the problem (with the same games).


Also i tried with lower voltages (1,0V --> 0,89V) and the result was boot windows 8 = immediate BSOD (blue screen of death). So the 1,0V is not too much at least..


This is very strange, because i even runned the OCCT stress test for a whole day without problems ? How can a old game like Call of Cthulhu DCOTE cause issues like this if a benchmark (or burn-in) software does not !? I have completed the same game before without any issues, and only change is that i used the unofficial fixes patch + SweetFX with it. Tried also a old classic just for fun, "Lula 3D" and the result = black screen of death after some time.


Other games like for example Duke Nukem Forever runs (1920x1200 + High settings) fine without any problems at all. Amnesia a machine for pigs = completed whole game without issues. CSGO = no issues.


The machine is a HP Touchsmart iQ820sc pc with Windows 8 Pro 64bit. Only other changes to the PC are CPU P7450 --> P9600, Memory 4GB --> 8GB and HDD --> Samsung 840 Pro SSD.


Drivers used:







331.40 beta (current)


NOTE: The overclocking is made with GPU-Z (extract the vBIOS) + NIBITOR (modify) + NVFLASH (well...FLASH).




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