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Win 8,1 and 327.23


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Hi guys!


I just got win 8,1 and decided to update my nvidia drivers while i was at it. However when i run the installer i get "Nvidia driver cannot find compatible hardware". I wasn't able to find any modded inf. file on L2G, (i'm prompted that the file isn't avalible) so I thought I would make one myself. Making one myself hasn't solved the issue either (though that might just be my lack of skills).


I do also find it interesting that under device manager my Display driver is "Microsoft Basic-device" (roughly translated from danish).



Have anyone else been having issues with  8,1 and 327.23? or other drivers after 8,1?



Best regards


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For some reason all SONY users in this forum seem to have issues with video drivers.

Did you try 326.60 / 327.02 for SONY that i posted in the news?

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Unfortunately, your installs didn't work for me. :( I have a Sony and need to install 327.23. Does anyone have the modified INF that can share (for 327.23)?

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Damn I am getting the same issues with my Alienware M17x R2, I just upgraded to 8.1 and my graphics cards went haywire. tried to install the original and latest drivers, and I get the same error as the original poster..

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