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Brightness dimming after laptop lid is closed for a while


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My laptop comes with Windows 8 and on Windows 8 no matter what driver I used, I don't have the below mentioned problem


If I install Windows 7 with all the drivers, after closing the lid and leaving the laptop for a while, when I open the LID again, the brightness is down to 50% and I have to manually raise it up.


I have ensured that in the power plan settings no dimming is enabled after X amount of minutes but this problem is still there and is annoying me.


Any solution to solve this?


PS: I also did try changing the Desktop color to nVIDIA settings but no luck


System Specs:


CPU: i7-4700HQ @ 2.40 GHz.
Memory: 32 GB DDR3 1600 MHz. Hynix RAM
Graphics: GeForce GTX 770M 3 GB GDDR5 RAM
Storage: 256 GB LiteOn LCM-256M3S SSD + 1 TB Seagate Momentus ST1000LM024 5400 RPM HDD
Screen: 17.3" Full HD 3D Glossy Screen
OS: Windows 7 Professional (x64)

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Why not use Windows 8 instead? Regardless of compatibility with Windows 7, your machine was meant to run Windows 8, and if you do have issues with Modern UI (I do) then there is 3rd party software that can revert all unwanted changes.

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ok I will format man, you're right, better use it with what it was meant to be used with

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You do have very nice specs on that machine, and it would be a shame if you face issues that can be avoided. Also, do check ASUS' site for BIOS update release notes to see if there is any mention to that specific bug.

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there wouldn't be bro, since this issue doesn't exist on Windows 8, only on Windows 7


it's all good though, I'm back to Windows 8

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