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Hp Envy DV 7 7270eg No Sound


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I hope so you can Help me, because i search since many days


My Notebook wouldn´t accept the official IDT driver from Hp

and in the Device Manager it said code 45


Please Help me :(

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momently my problem is to that i can´t see it anymore in device manager  in the setup i selected already to see all the hidden drivers :/


sorry my englisch is very s***

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Did the sound stop working when you tried to update the driver or did it happen suddenly out of the blue? Code 45 seems to be that the device is not connected to the motherboard or it's broken. My guess: it's hardware problem unless it happened because of an attempt to install a new driver. Seems that you bought the laptop recently so my advice is to send it to repair for free if it's still under warranty and if that's not possible let me know and tell me why it's not possible.




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the Problem appear after i connected my notebook to a external lcd Display fron asus . and 1 time yes 1 time no the internal sound  work after a stand by modus :/ .


So i was hope to repair it by myself :D

i already send it to Hp 1 time bevor this Problem appear  because of Hdmi problem -- it is solved now


The notebook is new :/

i think i havn´t other solution  i send it to HP again

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You mean you lose sound only after you suspend the laptop and if you reboot it's ok or was it a permanent sound loss even if you reboot?

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Code 10 is another story. Seems to me you don't have much knowledge about it so I recommend you take the easiest path which is uninstalling the sound card drivers, if you don't mind losing the IDT control panel and stuff. In device manager just uninstall sound card driver and check the box saying to remove software too. As you have been installing drivers there may be some older ones that windows will reinstall automatically so keep uninstalling sound card driver (don't forget to check the box) until windows install its default driver which is called something like "High Definition Audio Device".

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