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Vista compatible driver for Nvidia/Intel G210M Hybrid graphics in my UL50VT?


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Hi, I just recently got a new drive for my Asus UL50VT and since a unused copy of Vista 32-bit is all I have at the moment, I decided to put it to use. Much to my disappointment, the Asus page for my particular model doesn't support Vista, so I had to search around to find drivers that would work with it. Luckily, I found that the Vg model had virtually all the same components as my laptop (same VGA, chipset, etc) and they had Vista drivers available, so I downloaded them and they all installed without a problem.


My issues comes in with the VGA driver -- It saw that I have the proper hardware and version of windows, and it said it installed correctly, but nothing seemed to happen at all. It's still choppy and slow and the windows have tracers when you move them around. I went and checked the device manager and it now shows the Geforce 210M name, but it has the yellow exclamation warning (error code 39) and says the install may have been corrupted and that the driver isn't loading properly (which is obvious.)


All that said, are there any custom drivers that might work for my particular laptop and graphics hardware that are compatible with Vista? The driver in this thread just a few posts down looked to be the potential solution to my problem, but the links don't seem to work now. Do any of you happen to have those particular drivers (or any others that might work with my setup) that you wouldn't mind re-uploading? I've been searching everywhere for a solution to this for days and I'd truly appreciate the help.


Thanks in advance.

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I HIGHLY reccomend to upgrade to windows 7 if you can( Its better in soooo many ways than vista, vista was a pig!), I don't think it costs too much from microsoft. Also you should be able to use this drive package for a 64bit windows 7 install: http://forums.laptopvideo2go.com/topic/29638-asus-ul30ul80ul50-26063-driver-bundle-compiled-by-ndmr/

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Windows 7 wont cost you a thing, since your computer came with it you can activate it easily...Thanks to your bios having slic 2.1 all you need is the asus oem certificate and serial (you can find these on the web, just google "windows 7 oem dvd")

If thats too much look under the PC there is a serial that may work as well

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