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Flickering in old games on Nvidia (very strange problem)


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Hello, I’ve got a very strange issue with several old games, and I'm trying to find a solution. I'll do my best to describe my issue.

I’m sitting on laptop, Lenovo Y580, packed with i7 quad core cpu and Nvidia Optimus system (intel hd 4000 + nvidia 660m). It’s all working on Windows 7 x64 (SP1 + All updates). All drivers are fresh and Nvidia driver is 332.21.

My problem is that in some old games (direct x 6 and 7 era) 2d elements flicker horribly, i'm talking about interface, menus and so on. 3d is ok. And that’s all only on Nvidia.

I saw this problem in several different games:

Rainbow Six (1998)
No One Lives Forever (2000)
Blood 2 (1998)
Gabriel Knight 3 (1999)

I've got a friend with the same laptop, the only different thing is that he has Windows 8 installed, no flickering. Same driver for nvidia.
I also have another friend with Nvidia Optimus laptop from another vendor and he is on Windows 7, he has flickering.
Aaaand i also found this guy in the interent with the same exact problem:https://forums.geforce.com/default/topic/626974/pc-components/630m-flickering-2d-elements-and-fmvs/

So, i’m trying to understand what unites games mentioned above? (directx 6-7 i suppose?)
And what has changed in Windows 8, so flickering is gone? 

p.s. I was able to launch NOLF and Blood 2 in window mode, flickering was gone, other games don’t have windowed mode. 

p.s. i’m Russian, sorry for my English.

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Right-click the executable of the troubled game, select properties/compatibility and try the misc. options offered there.

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