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Clevo P150EM with Intel HD 4000


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Hi all...


Just come here to find some help!! :)


I have a clevo p150EM + Intel HD 4000 + AMD 7970m Swith gráfics..


And i real need to OC 90hz my LCD, i found people that can do that with this tutorial




The problem is that i cant, because the intel gráfic drivers.. so can some expert here Like dox etc.. mod the last intel Hd 4000 drivers to work with this tutorial and make that works??


This is a cchallenge..... for expert ones only! :)


PLZ CAN SOME ONE GIVE A TRY \w/ will make me and many other happy!!


PS: DOX, Nautis 1100 can you try help me and the WORLmy friends :) ITS A challenge ;)

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Some one tell me this..


If I could find a way to raise the refresh rate I would have. Unfortunately the intel driver does not allow increasing refresh rates. The only solution is to flash the EDID, which I don't see how to do on laptop screens.

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