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Games not using nVidia GPU on Dell XPS l502X


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Apology if this has already been answered, but I'm still struggling to come right...


It's Intel 3000 and nVidia GT 525M on W7 Pro 64 bit. GT 525M is supposed to kick in when a program requests, but it doesn't (both GPU-Z and MSI Afterburner say the GPU load is 0%, and there is the obvious sluggish feeling, as well as everything slowing down to a grinding halt when it overheats).


Things I tried (after reading a lot about it):

  • Selecting nVidia GPU in 3D Settings of nVidia control panel
  • Creating explicit profile for particular games in nVidia control panel
  • Using nVidia Inspector for Optimus specific settings (there are 3 of them)
  • Using "-dx9" as a command line parameter in Steam (to force DirectX 9, hoping that would solve something)
  • Right-clicked the executable and selected "Run with graphic processor" and "high performance nVidia"
  • Went to "Screen Resolution" and forced enabling a non-exiting display - someone said that's how it worked for him
  • Removed the newest drivers (for both Intel and nVidia) and installed the old ones from Dell (with restarting, CCleaning and selecting "fresh" when installed nVidia)
  • Removed the drivers and installed several versions of "Verde" nVidia drivers

All of the above with no success.


I was reading the forum and there were a few articles by someone with a serious knowledge of these things, ways over my head, so I was hoping someone may know what I should try next... short from reinstalling Windows, as I don't have the disk on me (currently on vacation).


Many thanks in advance,


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