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MSI CX61 2PC cheap 800 series Notebook


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MSI have not forgotten about us whose pockets are not bottomless.

This is their entry level Notebook.

BUT it comes with a Geforce 820M, the predecessor came with a Geforce 740M (MSI CX61 2OD)

Now the 820M = 720M = 610M and many other low end GPUs

So buyer beware, the 820M is not all that much faster than an Intel HD 4600 (Core i7)

The 740M should be faster but also no record breaker.




I have opted to get my wife the CX61 20D with 740M as it was cheap and plenty powerful for her needs

Here are CX61 2PC specs:


The latest 4th generation Intel® Core™ i Processor


Windows 8.1


Intel HM86


DDR3L ,up to 1600MHz

LCD Size

15.6" HD (1366x768) / FHD(1920x1080) LED backlight


NVIDIA GeForce 820M Graphics VRAM DDR3 2GB


1TB/750GB/500GB SATA 5400rpm



Click for link

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Hmmm, I got angry today at supplier of MSI notebooks in NZ.

On 3rd day of ordering CX61, get told out of stock, website even now still says in stock.

So told them send today or cancel order, order got cancelled so I guess they either couldn't supply or didn't want to send it (no word to say so)


So now there is  a HP Probook 450 coming should do the job just as nicely even with an AMD GPU.

This supplier much better, as 4 emails in as many hours and laptop has already shipped.

This is much more like it.



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