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9800M GT not recognizing HDMI Monitor Alienware m15x R1


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Hello All, 

I know this is a super long shot knowing how old this computer is, but if anyone can help, it's you guys. I can't get my Alienware m15x (R1 I believe) to recognize any TV or monitor via the HDMI port. I tried everything I can think of to get this thing to work and no luck. 

I am on my third video card for this computer; my first one crapped out during warranty, and I got a refurb one as a replacement. That one died a while back and I ordered another one from e-bay, not knowing that this HDMI thing was an issue. 

I have a 2008 model m15x-R1

Core2Duo T9300 @2.5gHz
Nvidia 8800M GTX with Reflashed BIOS to 9800M GT (supposed HDMI "fix")
Updated motherboard to X36 BIOS
Running 186.82 Nvidia Drivers

Any help is much appreciated!! I feel like I'm so close to getting this thing to work and need just a bit of help getting over the hump. 



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I suggest you to try with newer graphics driver, your is from 2009. Hope its just that... ; ))

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