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PLEASE HELP...Alienware M15x cant install video driver for GT 555m

Steve Sutton

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hey guys and gals, i know the main outline of my problem has been covered numerous times and i have seen these posts but nothing as yet as to fix my issue.


first off to save time i have run CPU-ID and HWinfo64 to double check system so believe me that to the best of my knowledge i am right in the details provided.


i just got a preowned alienware M15X with windows 8.1 installed, it was slow with alot of junk on it but everything worked fine, battlefield 3 for example ran a little laggy on high.

i did a fresh install but of windows 7 since i preferred it, used Dell system scan for the drivers in the correct order except for the graphics card (GT 555M) they did not list the driver for that card, i tried Nvidia website and downloaded some of theres but they did not work so i tried dells drivers for 240m and 460m. none worked (no compatible hardware found) 

on the Nvidia site they have Nvidia driver scan and Geforce driver scan, Geforce could not detect my card but Nvidia part could but referred me to dell.


i went to computer hope chat and they gave me a link to all drivers made for my laptop and my card and same issue


i used CPU-ID and it couldnt detect the model name of the GPU  and device manager did not show it either


after alot of searching i came to the conclusion it was a windows 7 issue, i installed Linux Mint and in the driver update section it listed my Graphics card as the correct one.


i thought this confirmed windows 7 as the culprit so i purchased windows 8.1 again and installed it and i have the same issue as windows 7, not listed anywhere.. i have HWinfo64 and that lists the card fine.


also with windows 8.1 i cant seem to find any drivers that i trust for this laptop at all except generic ones. i guess this is the reason my integrated graphics dont work to well? since i cant even run "the impossible game" from steam which a old DDR GPU can handle...


i have looked into the modding of a INF? file but from what i can see that requires me to know my Hardware ID in device manager.. as explained i can not do this since it isnt there.


i have tried the FN + F7 but that does nothing, apparently thats only on legacy models which i guess mine is not.

i have also looked into my BIOS (A09) to disable Integrated Graphics but i see no option for this there unless its called something i wouldnt understand...?


also i have no recovery disc or partition


sorry for the rant but going over questions i was asked in previous forums. 

i really hope someone can help me. i havnt got money for a new GPU or a repair service.


thanks in advance =)




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Hello, Steve Sutton. While I understand your reluctance about generic drivers, I would recommend that you install a 327 release driver such as 327.23 (my experiences with mobile Fermi have shown newer releases haven't been up to scratch as of yet) for your Nvidia GPU, same as the 3347 release for your Intel IGP. Also, you should be aware that virtually all Nvidia Optimus implementations use the IGP for output and the GPU for rendering, which is why it's important to have up to date and compatible drivers.


327.23 (GPU) - http://us.download.nvidia.com/Windows/327.23/327.23-notebook-win8-win7-64bit-international-whql.exe

3347 (IGP) - http://downloadmirror.intel.com/23377/a08/Win64_152820.exe

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Thankyou forepr the replies guys sorry I didnt see them faster I thought I would be emailed that I had a Response. Thankyou for tthe links also I will try them as soon as I am home. Although I have tried all nvidia drivers including that one I believe. I will post a screenshot soon a I am home. But it is just basic display adapter on there which is my main issue I think. Since I cant find that I cant find the device iD for modding info files.. =(

Although maybe not appropriate. I will happily send someone a few quid if they sort this for me since everyone else on other forums cant seem to help. :-(

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