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help with repeating periodic screen freeze?


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OS: HP Pavillion Laptop tx1308nr with Windows 7 Home Premium 32 bit

Processor:  AMD Turion 64 X2 Mobile Technology TL-58 1.90GHz 

Memory:  2GB RAM

Hard Drive:  320 GB Internal Hard Drive

Display Adapter:  NVIDIA GeForce Go 6150  Driver version 179.67

External Display:  Samsung p2370 23" 1920x1080

External Hard Drive:  1TB ext Seagate Drive

Secondary OS:  Ubuntu 10.04 LTS 64 bit from a USB drive


Here's the problem:


At seemingly random times - most often after I click a link on a web browser - the screen will "freeze".  Sometimes it starts by open windows not responding in any way, then progresses to the cursor freezing.  This freezed state will last up to a few minutes, then suddenly unfreeze.  This will sometimes occur many times in a row, with only a few minutes of use time possible.  


When the screen is frozen, if I move the cursor and make actions with the windows as if the screen is not frozen (ie try to move a window) all of these actions will suddenly "catch up" and quickly occur (within a second) after it unfreezes.  If I happen to be watching a video on Youtube, when it unfreezes the video has advanced as if it had not been frozen.  


Often, the internet "disconnects" when the screen freezes as indicated by any program I was connected to live on the internet such as an online game. although I'm not sure what's happening there because the wifi signal indicator never changes and network and sharing center doesn't show any problem.  


I recently had a hard drive failure, and when it was replaced I had Windows 7 installed instead of Vista, which I prefer.  The problem became worse after this.


I have noticed if using a web browser (Explorer or Chrome) that the status indicator always says "Waiting for cache..." when the freeze occurs.  Thinking this was a memory problem, I watched the performance tab of the task manager, but it shows no anomalies that I can detect, and often memory is only 60% or so.  I tried adding a 16GB USB memory drive enabled with "ReadyBoost" but I don't this has changed anything.


This has caused me a lot of hardship, any help would be appreciated. I can provide whatever info you need.




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