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Oh Oh, NVIDIA have dropped support for us oldies


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Hmmm, just trying to install r343 drivers using my 8400GS GPU I have in my server

All I am greeted with is a BSOD due nvlddmkm.sys exception error


Whats a good way to help sales, stop supporting GPU

Strange thing is, NVIDIA still support the OS that they were designed for  but not the GPUs? (ie WinXP), but Windows no longer support the OS but support the older GPU's



Nothing a modded INF can do to fix this issue.

A heap of folk are going to left in the cold me thinks

For the older generation the 340's are the last of the line for us :(

At least MS put out 340.52


Wonder how we'll fare with Windows 9 ?


There is a big long list a couple of posts down of the GPU's no longer supported.


ALl GPU's are supported in the modded INFs

Let us know if you have success with a GPU thats on the list but works

I'm,sure others would love to know.

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8600GT does not work... Installed it using manual installation from device manager using 340.52 and 344.11 with normal installation for GTS450... Hope that a modded inf in the future will make newer drivers compatible with older cards...

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The INF works fine, the driver is not playing nice


Looks like 400 series GPUs and up from here on in

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My laptop is Sony z36gd pleas help me to install graphic driver in win 8.1 x.64

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340.xx series is the last one that should work.

But Sony support has always been problematic.

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