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Is there a bandwidth saving way to quickly find which driver has the required INF?


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I've recently returned to this site to see it still has the same old problem it had years ago.

I'm trying to get the latest available driver for WinXP x64 (which I already did)only to find you have no INF for it yet.

This mistake happened because you have the driver link listed before the INF link, which I only found out to be dead after using your bandwidth to download the large driver archive first.

So, instead, I view the list of available drivers for each successive previous release for WinXP x64, clicking on each INF link FIRST (this time) only to find they're missing - and all the time wasting bandwidth.

So far I've reached page 6 and am somewhere back in 2013, and STILL NO DRIVER HAS A MODIFIED INF INCLUDED.

I'm getting fed up now and am surprised this issue still exists after (perhaps) four years.

While I can understand the latest driver releases not yet having modified INF files, I can't understand why you don't flag the previous releases as not having INFs, so we wouldn't bother attempting to download them, and we'd actually be able to find the last available release instead of, like me, still not having yet found one which has a modified INF that will allow me to install the driver.

I might try to hack my own together if it weren't for the fact I'm currently struggling with frustratingly slow re-draws from the appalling MS Standard VGA crap, making even scrolling through a text file a violence-inducing affair.

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