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New server almost 2 weeks in


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Here we are on the new server

I think its now running optimally, after some tweaking.

We are no long on a 36GB Dual Quad Core HT capable 2x1TB server


Completely downsizing now to a VPS (Virtual Private server)

Much better bang for buck for a free site


We are now on a VPS with


3x 3.5hz cores

2GB RAM + 2GB vSwap RAM



Due to missing data, we no longer host the drivers

We will instead order the new driver links to be sortable in 'series'

INFs will still be hosted here as I'll keep on making this.


Everything else will pretty well be the same.

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Thank you for all your work getting everything up again. It seems to be running smoothly!

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Your new setup does sound a lot smaller. I will miss your compacted special drivers. But I can see the expense also.

Note that you can always make new driver versions and then delete them after a month or so, thus keeping a rolling selection of the newest drivers. But if the whole hassle is grinding you down, I can certainly understand that as well.

Also, some of the community members undoubtedly have all or most of the past drivers.

Anyway, best of luck to you.

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Biggest issue with drivers = bandwidth smaller extend the space they take

Bandwidth = $

Most sites keep their driver pretty well permanently


Other main issue for me was time, I have 2x growing kids, needing more of my attention

And squishing the drivers, and uploading them took endless hours

Simply put the drivers are outgrowing my broadband capabilities

I choose to live in a remote place with limited broadband

The broadband I do have is good for downloading but painfully slow for uploading (20mbps/800kbos)

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Huh, same as mine - I don't upload too often and lost most of my uploads as the original Mega went down the tube.

Btw, -29 °C today morning...

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Using my Satellite receiver to upload the backups to

Its on 24/7 with an enterprise 4TB HDD, should have done it years ago

Just sorting out SFTP to make it nice and secure


-29degC you say, hah check out below last 30days  :harhar:


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Let's talk about this after 6 months...

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Let's talk about this after 6 months...

Thats no fair :)


Actually my VU+ Duo2 receiver can from Finland, satshop.fi a great company

I like pottering with this also

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Sorting out SFTP uploading backups to server at home

Finding SFTP transfers extremely slow (800kbps) vs FTP (20mbps, as fast as broadband connection)

Looks to be a SFTP known issue, I take it it's limited to my upload speed (which is 800-1000kbps) as there are a heap of acknowledgements with SFTP

There's about 3GB of backups to transfer

In the end doesn't really matter, I can securely do the backups to a device at home thats always on

Will just take the server a few hours to do the backup (vs 20min with FTP) at least it won't affect my speeds at home.

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