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9659M GTX driver modding problem


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Hello,  I have a 9650m gtx card installed in my 5920g acer which I have been modding the inf for various versions to allow the card to install.


I currently have version 257.x installed and it works reasonably good but it has some issues with my card but nothing bad enough to crash it mind.


Ive downloaded the latest drivers 361.60 and have modded the inf and dispi which then allows the card to install but on reboot it error 43s. Ive tried manually pointing back to the driver folder but it says the specified file isnt found. Im not sure why this would be the case as it has just installed from that folder.


What im wondering is when ive added the entries for my card it has a section associated with it. Im not sure im picking the right sections to begin with as my cards ID doesnt seem to match up with many others of the same model.


Card ID:   PCI\VEN_10DE&DEV_064C&SUBSYS_01211025&REV_A1


Im not sure if I need to edit more than just the two files ive tried or something related to the sections is causing it not to work. If anyone can point me in the right direction it would be apprectiated as I say most cards the same model have a different ID.

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Driver 361.60 requires Fermi and beyond.

Latest legacy driver is 341.92

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Hi, thanks for the reply.  I modded the latest driver you specify but it causes artifacts as default install settings and then blackscreens after a few mins.


I have reinstalled the older one for now so maybe im going to have to try a few versions until its right.


I dont get why this card cant be installed when later drivers appear to support some versions of it, even PC World sell a gaming laptop fitted with this card still.


When I let Nvidia detect the card it selects the latest drivers to download but then they fail to install and I get the problem in the OP.


Thanks for the help ;)

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