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Welcome to Chicago


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While you were sleeping I was taken website for a wee journey from LA

We've moved to Chicago in the worlds largest DataCenter.


Got more room to move on new server and is cheaper, I can't ask for more.

Move went without issues which is also nice.


Some info of where we are now:


Lakeside Technology Chicago,USA 1.1millionsqfeet

Lakeside Technology datacenter is a telecommunications hub owned by Digital Realty Trust,a SchneiuderElectriccustomer,builtin1999.Thelandmarkbuilding,locatedat350EastCermakRoadinChicago,risesabovewhatisaspanof1.1squaremillionfeetdatacenter.OriginallyusedtohousetheprintingpressesfortheYellowBookandSearsCatalog,itnowholdsfibersandpowercabling,andheavycomputingequipment,producinghundredsmegawattsofpower.Thecoolingsystemisan8.5milliongallontankofarefrigeratedliquid.Inside,themoderncloudcomputinginfrastructure,ontheoutsideit’saMemorialLibrary,withhugecathedralceilingandbookshelves.Theroomwasalsofeaturedinafilm“Strangerthanfiction,byWillFerrell.Lakesidetechnologydatacenter,inmajorityholdsthedataofChicagofinancialcompanies.

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Can you point to the window that has our room?


Building was complete opposite of what I'd thought it be like

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We are tucked in behind the broom cupboard beside the toilets in the Basement :)

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