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GeForce 341.95 NVIDIA legacy driver


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New legacy driver for Tesla micro-architecture (not to be confused with Tesla product line).

Supports Windows Vista/7/8/8.1

Driver version = 01/29/2016,

Branch r340_00-595

Fujitsu 64 bit

Fujitsu 32 bit

Modded INF for Fujitsu x64 driver version above

HP 64 bit

HP 32 bit


In all likelyhood there should appear a full installer at NVIDIA's site sooner or later.

Meanwhile read EOL Windows driver support for legacy products

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I have searched the forums and this is the only one I can find that may be related to my problem.


I have an Apple Macbook Pro 17" (2009) running Bootcamp and Windows 7 Pro.  The display adapter is an NVIDIA GeForce 9600M GT with a device ID of PCI\VEN_10DE&DEV_0647&SUBSYS_00B0106B&REV_A1 


I've tried to install the latest available mobile drivers from the NVIDIA website (v 341.95) but I get the expected "NVIDIA Installer cannot continue.  This graphics driver could not find compatible graphics hardware"


I've extracted the driver installation files and search the INF files in the Display.Driver subdirectory and obtained the following results:


















The number after the file name is the number of times DEV_0647 appears in the file.


Unfortunately, none of these inf file names match anything I could find in the forums.


Does anyone have any pointers of which file I should modify in order to install these drivers with my computer?


Any advice, pointers or help would be greatly appreciated.




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I did find the nv_dispi.inf file and I was able to edit that to add in the reference to my video card (5 lines added).


The driver appears to be running correctly on my machine now.

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I have the same laptop and I'm trying to do exactly the same thing. Would you tell me how to modify the file to get this working?

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You'll need to remove the Subsys number after the PCI_ID

Susbsys are Manufacturer and model number specific and Mac will not be in any PC driver

Or you need to either use a modded INF (with SUBSYS removed) or add your PCI_ID

Your best bet is the modded INF for a particular driver as all the work is done.

Just copy and overwrite what ever file its going to replace

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