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C840 with Geforce4 Go 440 64mb on XP.


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hi there, i'm new.


I thought i would make an account here because i have a problem.


I noticed that the C810 and C840 have the same connectors for the Geforce video card.


So i figured i would swap the Geforce2Go for the Geforce4Go 64mb i have here, in that Dell Latitude C810.


All seem to be ok in Windows XP. BUT it doesn't get detected. After installing the drivers for the Dell C840 (the card come from a C840), it doesn't detect the video card, and when i try installing it manually from Control Panel, it doesn't detect the card at all.


Is there a way i could install the drivers correctly and it DOES get detected?


Note: when i go in the BIOS menu, it does detect the Geforce4Go 64mb.


thanks for helping me!

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Hi Raptor, nice first post. I happen to still have my old C840 with the Geforce4Go 440 64mb card. I think your problem is XP's reluctance to change to another graphic card while it still has information in it's belly about the original card.


I'd try the following: NO GUARANTEE OF SUCCESS!! Reinstall your original Geforce2Go card for a starter. Boot up in Safe Mode into a user with admin rights. Now open up the 'Characteristics' window for the graphic card under the Device Manager. There you should find an option to DEINSTALL/REMOVE the drivers for the installed card. Have the drivers for the card removed, and shut down the laptop.


Now install the Geforce4Go 64mb card again. Reboot directly into BIOS and make sure that the new card is detected correctly. Reboot XP back into safe mode. It might however be necessary to reboot into normal mode here --- the object being for XP to accept the new card and want to reinstall the graphic driver for the new card. If that should function as we want, you'll merely have to reboot after the install for the driver to take effect. That should do it for you.


Rott's O'Ruck

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i was able to install Dell's C840's Geforce4Go drivers. by using the "have disk" technique.


But then when i pick a card in games, it says "Dell C840", so i went and edit the .inf in question where it says "C840" in it and wrote, on both choices, "Nvidia Geforce4 MX 440 Go". It's just the name of the card anyway, so it could only help with the card detection in games i guess.


But yes, hardware-wise, what i did is:


-Open my Dell C810 until i can reach the Geforce2 Go 16mb removable video card, then disconnect it and removing it.

-Take a Geforce4 MX 440 Go 64mb, which came from a Dell C840 laptop, and put it where the Geforce2 was, it's the SAME SHAPE and the GPU is located at the SAME spot too, even the connector is at the same spot!

-Took thermal pads and use some thermal grease to help since it doesn't make contact anymore with the older pad, because the keyboard itself have aluminium and a copper heatpipe built-in to help with cooling.

-Close it down and put the screws back in.

-Remove the dvd drive on the side and check in the back with a flashlight to see if it's tight enough inside so everything come in contact for a proper cooling.

-Only the RAM chips doesn't make contact with the keyboard part, but heh, it's no big deal, it's not like the beforce4 MX's memory is heating up like performance RAM chips.


So now i got a Dell C810 with a Geforce4 MX 440 Go 64mb in it, but the thing now is i may need a 90W power supply (supplied with a C840 normally, but i have the 70W C810 one) because the CPU downclock itself from 1.13Ghz to 733Mhz probably because the video card use more power.


I tried a few games with it and they seem to run fine, though No One Lives Forever 2 do lag at highest settings, but still playable, so i need to try it out at 1.13Ghz with the 90W power supply.


The keyboard area do get on the hotter-warm side though after a while.


Now i wonder if they did made a GF4 Ti 4200 for the C840.

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