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MobileNews2Go Gets Strange: Hillary's Email Server


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For a lot of people, catching up on the daily news is done on mobile devices these days, perhaps while stopping in at a coffee shop for the morning brew. Newspapers are becoming a thing of the past. In most coffee shops you see everyone staring at their laptops or mobile phones. But the news doesn't always make a lot of sense. That's one thing that's not changed.

Can't figure out why the news is still talking about Hillary's email server. I guess it's supposed to be a big deal because some of the emails on the server were classified as "Above Top Secret". But wait a second.....the only other time we've heard of the government's "Above Top Secret" group was when there were claims that such a group was hiding stuff from the public, such as the alien technology recovered at Roswell in mid 1947, and the projects still ongoing with that technology at Area 51. Wouldn't this be considered a topic they'd want to hush up rather than keep bringing it to public attention?

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Sometimes Hillary's server seems to be working much better than the one this site is on.

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