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Modifi driver IDT92hd93 please help


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Please help to modifi my Driver. My Driver is old and i will install a newer drivre. I have found a Driver from HP that works but the Setting are not korrekt.

The new Driver are DTS Driver and better then the old one.Please can anybody prepair the new INI? Here are both inis the original V7P417_original_INI.INI and the ini for Modifikation WBD-00C0_new_INI.INI.





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sorry for responding to this, but the settings are not correct because the settings between the INI files are vastly different from your original config.

everything from the [HKR\Settings][HKR\Settings\pin][HKR\Settings\filter\***] sections in the V7P417 INI file will have to be copied over to the WBD-00C0 INI file, overwriting/replacing the existing ones.  you will also need to rename "[HKR\Settings\filter\speakerHp]" to "[HKR\Settings\filter\speaker]" while modding the WBD-00C0 INI file.

I also noticed in that WBD-00C0 INI config file, the "Combojack" entries like "CombojackRetrigger" & "CombojackPair" are there in the [HKR\Settings] section.  Hint: delete these as your IDT audio device may not support these features.

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