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6 minutes ago, szumial said:

I have already flashed a vBIOS that I found thanks to GPU-Z on their website. I chose one that was intended for Dell. I assume that my GPU comes from an Alienware. Interestingly it fits the Precision perfectly - the heatsink seems to be ideal for that, even the thermopads were already installed in the right places. Do you think that I'm gonna need a BIOS reflash? Why did you decide to flash the G73SW BIOS?

Flashing the vBios was necessary to make the system to recognize the 770m card.

if you had it working before (after your hardware mod), there's no need to re-flash the bios/vbios.

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That's what I thought. Thing is - my BIOS states I have an 'unknown video card' with 8GBs of RAM and that happens when I turn off Optimus. When Optimus is turned on, naturally Intel HD takes over and there is nothing written there about the GTX880m. However, when I launch GPU-Z it shows as the GTX880m as it should. I'm getting confused, but the anniversary update is on it's way so there's still hope. I really don't want to go back to Quadro...



@Knallebal it seems that the Anniversary Update did not help at all. I gonna go for some more options this evening and post pictures over here. I know it's possible to run the 880m on this laptop, but I have a feeling that something is messed up either in the hardware (that's what I've heard about IPS panels and upgraded GPUs) or the software (which would be way nicer).

How can the modified INF from here work for me when there is no given combination of my M6700 and GTX880m specified in the driver's vendor compatibility list?

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Hai everyone... i am a newbie to this forum...

I have ordered a gtx680m 4gb card from nvidia to upgrade an M17x R2. Currently i am having 2 hd4870m in crossfirex. I will be receiving the card tomorrow. Please help me in finding the required driver to install so that the new card will be working alright. I am using windows 10 64bit.

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