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NVidia GeForce driver 373.06 is out at NVidia downloads. 
Game Ready driver for Gears of War 4, Mafia 3, and Shadow Warrior 2

Desktop driver release notes: http://us.download.nvidia.com/Windows/373.06/373.06-win10-win8-win7-desktop-release-notes.pdf
Mobile driver release notes: http://us.download.nvidia.com/Windows/373.06/373.06-win10-win8-win7-notebook-release-notes.pdf

Driver 373.06 is r370_00-218, dated 10/01/2016
Driver 372.95 is r370_00-201, dated 9/22/2016
Driver 372.90 is r370_00-192, dated 9/16/2016
Driver 372.73 is r370_00-163, dated 8/30/2016
Driver 372.70 is r372_69-2, dated 8/25/2016

Application SLI Profiles
Added or updated the following SLI profiles:
• Battlefield 1 - re-enabled SLI profile
• Iron Storm - added SLI profile

Software Module Versions
• NView - 148.03
• HD Audio Driver -
• NVIDIA PhysX System Software - 9.16.0318
• GeForce Experience -
• CUDA - 8.0

New Features
 Enabled Fast Sync for Maxwell GPUs and the Extended, Clone, and Surround multimonitor
 Support for updated BatteryBoost technology.
 Enabled mclk switches on 144 Hz G-SYNC monitors in multi-monitor use cases in
order to lower power consumption.
 Support OpenGL VR SDK 1.4 (Windows).
 Added a Windows cross-API interop between Vulkan and DirectX 11. This enables
Vulkan app compatibility with existing DirectX 11-based HMD runtimes.
 Added driver support for DXGI 2 VR.
 Added security updates for driver components.

Application SLI Profiles
Added or updated the following SLI profiles:
• ARK - added SLI profile
• Deus Ex: Mankind Divided - added DirectX 11 SLI profile
• No Man’s Sky - added (Beta) SLI profile
• Space Engineers - added DirectX 11 SLI profile

Windows 10 Fixed Issues
 Improved the framerate consistency of the R370 drivers in VR games and applications.
 [372.70, GP100] FPS limiter broken in R370 drivers in windowed mode with high FPS.
 [372.54] Corruption in Overwatch decals. [1816111]

Windows 10 Open Issues With This Driver
 [SLI] Gears of War 4 shows lower results when SLI is enabled. [1814018]
Gears of War 4 currently does not support explicit multi-GPU configurations. However, we
have found an issue where single-GPU performance drops if SLI is enabled in the NVIDIA
Control Panel. As a result, please disable SLI prior to playing Gears of War 4 if you have
multiple GPUs. We are working on the issue and will inform the community as soon as we
have the issue resolved.
 [GeForce GTX 1070][Alienware Graphics Amplifier] The graphics card is not detected
upon installing the driver. [200236450]
 Driver overinstall requires a reboot. [1757931]
 [367.77, WDDM 2.1] Driver install/overinstall requires reboot. [1757931]
 [SLI, GP104] Installer prompts for reboot during express overinstall of 372.69 driver
on 372.54. [200231806]
 [SLI, GeForce GTX TITAN] Mirror's Edge Catalyst flickers for a few seconds after
Alt+F2 is used to open the Ansel UI. [200231742]
 [SLI, GeForce GTX TITAN] The Mirror's Edge Catalyst Intensity slider is set to 100
after Alt+Tab. [200231737]
 [SLI, Geforce GTX TITAN] Mirror's Edge Catalyst severe stutter is observed when the
mouse is moved around with Ansel UI open. [1804954]
 [SLI, Geforce GTX 980M] Mirror's Edge Catalyst flickers on Ansel UI when image
moved with mouse pointer. [1805007]
 [SLI, No Man's Sky] Huge performance drop after interaction with starships if SLI is
enabled. [200231722]
 [GM204] Quantum Break window either remains blank or freezes in game scene in
windowed mode. [1804910]
 Assassins Creed - Syndicate shows intermittent flickering black or white patches on
game character faces. [200211264]
 Surround Display icon disappears after rotate mode set to portrait. [200201040]
 [SLI] Street Fighter V performance drop (pause and play) observed when the game is
played at 4K resolution with SLI enabled. [200172046]
 [SLI] Blank display is observed on disabling SLI with two displays connected.
 [Luxmark 3.0] Display driver stopped responding while running benchmark LuxBall
HDR (Simple Bechmark:217K triangles). [200153736]
 [347.09, GM204] Blank screen observed on an ASUS Tiled display when system
resumes from shutdown or hibernation with Fast boot option enabled from BIOS.

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