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GeForce 375.95 NVIDIA Mobile OEM

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NVidia driver 375.95 is released to address the issue of low memory clocks on certain factory-overclocked Pascal cards. NVidia says they have submitted this driver to Microsoft for WHQL-certification and intend to replace 375.86 with this version online and within GeForce Experience as soon as possible. Right now it's only available on the NVidia customer service site, and not yet to be found on the regular NVidia and GeForce download locations. You can read the official NVidia announcement of this driver in the NVidia forums.

EDIT: This driver is now found at the regular NVidia downloads. No longer necessary to grab it from the NVidia customer help site.


Driver 375.95 is r375_86-5, dated 11/16/2016
Driver 375.86 is r375_00-134, dated 11/10/2016
Driver 375.76 is r375_70-3, dated 11/01/2016
Driver 375.70 is r375_00-108, dated 10/25/2016
Driver 375.63 is r375_45-10, dated 10/21/2016

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