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Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 14986 is released to Insiders on the Fast Ring.
It's described as a "rs_prerelease".

Details are here: https://blogs.windows.com/windowsexperience/2016/12/07/announcing-windows-10-insider-preview-build-14986-pc/#4McijUtjkTBzeygc.97

  • Cortana is awesomer now. Turn off your computer, change volume with voice commands: Being able to control your computer with just your voice is one of the top requests made for Cortana. Now you can shut down your PC just by asking Cortana. You can also restart, lock, or put the system to sleep, and raise and lower your system volume with just your voice. 
  • Major improvements to Cortana’s look when using “Hey Cortana” when your PC is unlocked and idle. When your PC is in this state, asking Cortana questions will result in a gorgeous full-screen experience that is optimized for far field viewing! Give it a try by enabling “Hey Cortana” and then wait for about 10 seconds or so without touching your PC. Ask if it will snow tomorrow.
  • There's a new Windows Defender dashboard.
  • The USB Audio 2 Class Driver: Previous builds flighted to Windows Insiders have contained a Microsoft class driver for devices that support the USB Audio 2.0 standard. However, if you had a third-party driver which was specifically written for your device, Windows would use that instead. In order to get more miles on the class driver, Microsft is temporarily changing things as of build 14986 to prefer the class driver over third-party drivers – so they can flush out device compatibility issues and other bugs in the Microsoft class driver.
  • Improved Windows Update experience.
  • Fixed an issue that could result in CPU throttling when idling on certain webpages with many gifs or looping videos in Microsoft Edge.
  • For Insiders with PCs that upgraded to builds 14926-14959, some default power settings may have been lost and not recovered on subsequent upgrades. The effect of this causes devices to potentially use more power, change the power button behavior on tablets, etc. Starting with 14986, an attempt to detect this issue and re-apply the power settings will be made during upgrade. This attempt is a temporary process to help address this issue for Insiders, and will be removed once Microsoft is closer to the Creators Update release.
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I've reinstalled 14393, had issues with stability
I may take a break from fast-ring and go slow for a while
Quite nice to have things working as they shoud

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On 8.12.2016 at 4:27 AM, mobilenvidia said:

...had issues with stability...

Which hardware is the troublemaker?

Today's cumulative update for mainstream users nukes the internet connection

The other day Trump announced to tell Bill Gates to "switch off the internet" if necessary. At least they know how to do it :banana_dance:



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Windows it self is becoming unstable, app won't open, or just become unresponsive
Can't tie it to any HW

Bill Gates will have a switch beside his bed, with Internet on/off

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OK, I succumbed to temptation and have updated, so far so good.

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