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NVidia developer drivers 376.66 for Windows and 375.27.03 for Linux are out at the NVida Vulkan developer page.


Driver 376.66 is VK375_17-21, dated 01/10/2017
Driver 376.60 is r376_33-10, dated 01/09/2017
Driver 376.56 is r375_00-217, dated 12/29/2016
Driver 376.48 is r376_33-9, dated 12/21/2016
Driver 376.39 is r375_00-197, dated 12/14/2016
Driver 376.33 is r375_00-190, dated 12/11/2016

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Release Updates January 10th, 2017 - Linux 375.27.03, Windows 376.66

  • Vulkan beta drivers with experimental API interop features

This driver adds support for the experimental High Level Framework for Vulkan

I tried to compile the samples, but it failed to find some includes...

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Does this include the BF1 fixes from here (376.60) ?



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8 hours ago, Prasad007 said:

Does this include the BF1 fixes from here (376.60) ?

I dont think so, as you can see in the OP they come from different branches.

I assume the branches will be unified in the R378 release.


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I don't play BF1, so don't know.

You could go to the NVidia forums and ask ManuelG if those fixes were checked into driver 376.66.

Or, install the driver and play the game.

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