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[HELP] Change card Laptop - Kernel Power 41 Blackout


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Good afternoon.
I have an Avell MS16F2 laptop (brand here from Brazil) that is nothing more than the same barebone MSI GT680.
About a month ago I was playing and the laptop hung out of nowhere. I tried to connect it then and other times later, but to no avail.
I then started to dismantle the notebook and noticed that when removing the video card (GTX 560M 1536mb 192bit) the laptop returned to
But without giving any video signal. Noting that there was some problem with the board, I tried to find another one, and I found it. I found another
GTX 560M, but not from a barebone MSI, but from a barebone Clevo (apparently a P170HMx).
My problems started when installing the new card. I noticed at first that unlike the first plate, Clevo's does not recognize any
Driver automatically, only if you modify the nv_dispi.INF file and disable the checking of authorized microsoft drivers.
After testing several drivers (from 353.62 to 382.53) I noticed the installation occurred well. However when trying to play, I noticed the menus worked fine,
But when it's time to play, the notebook hangs up and the screen starts blinking. In the few times that I was able to leave the game by pressing CTRL + ALT + DEL
I noticed that there were several notifications saying that the video drivers had stopped and recovered, and when checking the Windows Event Viewer,
I noticed that the error that occurred was that of Kernel Power ID: 41.
When looking for the Kernel Power error, I have found solutions to enable maximum power in the nvidia driver, use maximum power in the windows options,
Imcompatibility with the audio driver and everything else, including changing the bios of the video card.
I tried to make as many changes as possible based on the possible solutions I mentioned above, but it did not work.
I left then to change the clock. Originally the GTX 560M from Clevo has 775MHz Core Clock and 1250MHz Memory Clock. I started by changing the Core Clock to
450MHz and the Memory Clock to 900Mhz and to my surprise, the game ran for 1 hour without giving any problem. I then decided to raise the values further up
680MHz / 1050MHz, respectively Core and Memory clock. With these values I was able to keep the game running for another hour.
Above these values, the Kernel Power error happens again.
What I would like to know, is whether it can be nvidia drivers that do not correctly configure the board's power values correctly, if
Blackout of the first card have damaged some PCI Express power component, or other reasons.

Ps1: I found it very strange that in the FULL HD test with the normal clocks performed in Furmark, the laptop did not turn off and held it off.
Ps2: The game I was testing was The Elder Scrolls: Oblivion with DirectX9.

Here are some data on the boards and system:

GTX 560M Stock MSI:
GPU Clock: 814 MHz
Memory Clock: 625 MHz
SUBSYS: 146210A9

GTX 560M Stock Clevo:
GPU Clock: 775 MHz
Memory Clock: 625 MHz
SUBSYS: 000010DE

System and Video Card Aspects Installed:

AIDA64 Report:

Thanks for the personal help.

Thank you very much.

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